What others say…

“Linda joined us as a virtual part of the Emerald team working on the redevelopment of the Emerald corporate website at emerald.com/publishing. This was a huge project across the whole business with the aim of providing a compelling, sticky user experience to increase awareness, submissions and leads to Emerald products. Linda was absolutely essential to our success. She formed a plan to inventorize and then categorize the content, she edited and rewrote thousands of pages into a new, fresh tone of voice much better suited for web consumption and for SEO. She showed huge drive and initiative to tackle this, working across a whole range of business stakeholders, some much more engaged than others, but managed to get what she needed while keeping relationships intact. Linda is incredibly skilled at comms, particularly online comms, but she’s also really skilled at working with people, being part of a team even when working remotely, and project management and visibility. The whole marketing team really appreciated and admired Linda’s work, and all commented on how much they enjoyed working with her. The resulting website is fantastic and is already seeing significant increases in traffic and user engagement. We’re so pleased to have worked with Linda and would have no hesitation recommending her for future projects.”

Harriet Bell, Marketing Director, Emerald Publishing

blue lime communications quote“Everything is complicated if no-one explains it to you.”

– Fredrik Backman

“Linda was part of my programme team as Communications Manager, both outwards facing to stakeholders as well as internally facing within the programme team. I very much enjoyed Linda’s competence and passion for her role, as well as her friendliness and team spirit. She quickly bonded with the team, understood what was being asked of her, took a structured approach to agreeing priorities and delivered proactively and effectively. Linda is creative and has a real human touch, she frequently suggested interesting new ways off getting our messages across and through her actions, we were able to increase our impact, both internally within the team as well as put to our customers. Thanks Linda!”

Dominique de Jongh, Manager Strategic IT Programs – Global IRM Transformation, Shell

“I have always been impressed with how much high-quality content Linda can create, often under tight deadlines. She is a prodigious writer and editor whose stories are always insightful and easy to read. She has a great demeanor; she’s serious, but calm and friendly which helps her extract both the most pertinent information from the people she’s interviewing, and present it in reader-friendly ways. Various parts of our business can be incredibly complex and sometimes contentious, but Linda always had a way of making it look easy. For a business that helps our authors publish hundreds of thousands of articles per year, it’s important to have great writers ourselves, and Linda was one of the best.”

Tom Reller, Vice President and Head of Global Corporate Relations, Elsevier

“Linda is a great person to work with: smart, enthusiastic, empathetic and precise. She understands customers, thinks from their perspective and brings her strong, clear writing style to all levels of communication, in all formats. I have greatly enjoyed working with her on a wide range of projects and have huge confidence in her ability to deliver clear, compelling communications, and to guide others to do so too.”

David Clark, Senior Vice President Health & Medical Sciences, Elsevier

nicoline van der linden elsevier

“Besides her pleasant personality, Linda brings excellent writing and communication skills to the table as well as a quick analytical mind. Her advice tends to extend beyond her projects and she easily moves between people at all levels. She therefore is not only highly skilled but also very enjoyable to work with. On top of that she is well organized, works well under pressure and never misses a deadline. Although she has left the company, we will for sure continue to work with Linda as it will be hard to replace her.”

Nicoline van der Linden, Vice President Digital Services Operations, Elsevier

lucy goodchild tell lucy

“It is fantastic to have Linda as an editor. She has a strong editorial vision for her publications and it is clear what she needs from an article. She is a talented writer and a skilled editor, so as a writer it’s really enjoyable to work with and learn from her. Linda cares very much about the quality of her work, therefore values that of those around her. The result is she inspires others – me included – to do their best work. Linda is also highly empathetic and considerate, and she genuinely cares about the people around her.”

Lucy Goodchild, CEO, Tell Lucy

sandra hembery kent online

“Linda was a tremendous asset as a reporter. She was involved in an award-winning supplement investigating a gangland triple murder, travelled to the US to report on the progress of a young boy’s life-saving operation and deputised on news desk, commanding a team of more than 20 reporters. She is extremely adaptable.”

Sandra Hembery, Editor, Kent Online

“I have known Linda for many years and still have no clue what she writes or talks about. However, she cleans my toilet, feeds me, and scratches my ears so I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Fluffy, Office Manager, Blue Lime Communications