Why Blue Lime?

I’m Linda Willems and I started Blue Lime Communications to help businesses and individuals turn their thoughts into words.

I trained as a journalist in the early ‘90s. After graduating, I worked for a local newspaper in the UK and soon realized I had found my perfect job — a role where curiosity and creativity were actively encouraged.

Those early years taught me the importance of deadlines and turning complex information into easy-to-understand text. They helped me understand that while style is a wonderful thing, it’s substance that really matters. I won two industry awards for journalism during this period, including Reporter of the Year.

Subsequent roles with businesses, educational institutions and not-for-profits, allowed me to further develop my skills. Recently, I’ve been writing for researchers and health professionals and helping them highlight their discoveries.

My services include writing, editing, translation, proofreading, and communication advice. I understand the art of tailoring text to suit an audience and have written for everyone from consumers, academics and MPs, to patients, the general public and Royalty. Content has included websites, annual reports, publications, news articles, features, press releases and fiction. I also studied photography and enjoy providing images.

I appreciate the value of building strong relationships and many of the people I’ve worked with have gone on to become good friends.

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blue lime communications quote

“…making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”

― Charles Mingus