Services provided
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Communications advice

Emerald is a global, digital first publisher with a focus on commissioning, curating and showcasing research that can make a real difference.


A quick summary from project sponsor, Emerald’s Marketing Director, Harriet Bell:

“Linda joined us as a virtual part of the Emerald team working on the redevelopment of the Emerald corporate website at This was a huge project across the whole business with the aim of providing a compelling, sticky user experience to increase awareness, submissions and leads to Emerald products. The website acts as a hub for all of Emerald’s digital marketing activity and is a critical component of our plans. Linda was absolutely essential to our success. She formed a plan to inventorize and then categorize the content, she edited and rewrote thousands of pages into a new, fresh tone of voice much better suited for web consumption and for SEO. She showed huge drive and initiative to tackle this, working across a whole range of business stakeholders, some much more engaged than others, but managed to get what she needed while keeping relationships intact. Linda is incredibly skilled at comms, particularly online comms, but she’s also really skilled at working with people, being part of a team even when working remotely, and project management and visibility. The whole marketing team really appreciated and admired Linda’s work, and all commented on how much they enjoyed working with her. The resulting website is fantastic and is already seeing significant increases in traffic and user engagement. We’re so pleased to have worked with Linda and would have no hesitation recommending her for future projects.”